Saturday, November 28, 2009

LA Fitness Fiasco....

I'm in Houston till tomorrow. We fly out for a few days in Mexico to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

On Thursday morning to prepare for the onslaught of the American feast I went searching for a place to work out. Although I have a membership (till January) at 24 Hour Fitness I went to the LA Fitness down the road to see if they'd let me work out for free.

There were not many people there but the 3 salespeople (2 girls and 1 guy) were there to hear my pitch. I'll spare you of the details but I went in to the situation very sales-like. I have an agenda. I'm going to appeal to their desire to sell. I'm going to present myself as a buyer in the hopes of getting a free pass for a few days.

And that's what I did. I told them I canceled my membership at 24 Hour (true) and I was in town with family (true) and that I'd like to see if they'd give me a pass for a couple days because who knows, maybe I'll become a member of Lifetime in the future (not true). I acted a bit arrogant and pushy. I was wearing clothes that didn't fit.

I justified this language purely from a sales perspective. Even though I know there is no Lifetime even close to our home, I knew it unlikely to get anything free if I went completely honest. Therefore I did what you learn from the world and the American mileau.

"Well...since you don't live in the area...we can only offer a pass for $15 a day." I declined it and said there were plenty of Lifetimes in Dallas. The guy said "Let me look them up for you..." in hopes of probably convincing me that I should buy a plan today etc.

"No thanks...if there's no option to try the gym..I'll go down the road."

And I did. I actually found a 24 Hour down the road and they let me work out for free. Mercy.

However, while I was working out I was convicted about the approach I took. What I thought was a sound, legit approach actually was worldly and dishonest. What I thought was wise was only according to worldly wisdom and didn't reflect the pure honesty of Jesus Christ my Lord. I was reminded that I had wanted to share the gospel with folks in Houston while I'm here, and now the Lord was giving me a chance.

You want to share the gospel? Go back and apologize to those salespeople and tell them why--Jesus is your Lord and you spoke dishonestly.


I work out extra hard when there's something I'm nervous about later in the day and that workout was no exception. Those 20 pound dumbbells took a beating.

I drove back to the LA Fitness. All three salespeople were there. Egads! Breathing heavy from my workout and from nerves...

"Hey...uhh...just wanted to come back and apologize. I'm a Christian and Jesus is my Lord and I think He wanted me to come back and tell you that I spoke dishonestly. It would have been fine to present myself as a buyer if I really was one--but I'm not. I was just trying to get something for fee. I apologize. I should have just asked if you had any free offers."

I noticed as a shared the girls seemed to smile and let their guards down. The guy expressed appreciation. The Lord seemed to be at work. Moreover, I felt power from the Lord where before it was purely flesh.

Thankful for the unexpected opportunity to witness the freedom that Christ brings--from my own unbelief.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! We all have fault and doesn't allow act like a child of God as we ought to!

    Be Bold as a Lion for Christ!

    Hungry to eat His Word,
    'Guerite ~ BoldLion

  2. Whoa! I see my typo "allow" should be "always" Sorry about my typo!

    Hungry to eat His Word,
    'Guerite ~ BoldLion