Friday, March 11, 2011

Missionary Account of Japan Tsunami

Joey Zorina is a missionary in Japan. This is his account of the earthquake that is rocking Japan right now.

"We were praying fervently this morning, not knowing what that was for. I believe He had us prepared.

The North got the hardest hit. It is literally smashed by... both the earthquake and tsunami. We're safe & sound here in Nagoya. 8.9 magnitude quake shook Northern Japan. Tokyo had .5 or 6 experience. The aftershocks kept our apartment moving for a while. We felt dizzy because of the aftershock. It was pretty long even here. There are Tsunami warnings in Portuguese, Korean, English & Japanese in the T.V now. We live in the Aichi area. Tsunami of 2 metres high is expected along the coast. We should be safe since we're further up. I see houses burning right now because of gas leak in the areas hardest hit."

Pray for Joey and All Nations Fellowship that God will protect them in these days and empower them to glorify him through compassion and boldness in the days ahead.


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