Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For about a year I've considered doing a blog that would help me to remain disciplined in sharing the gospel while at the same time serve as an encouragement for those who like me, are most motivated in evangelism by hearing stories of faithful (not necessarily successful) attempts. After reading Jack Miller's book "A Faith Worth Sharing" I feel compelled to enjoy the grace of God enough to attempt sharing Jesus daily and leaving results to Him.

Faith has ripple effects. Hearing someone share a story of how they got egg on their face trying to share the gospel and how the Lord met them in the egg is often as motivating as stories of radical conversions (though Lord bless to that end!). Maybe this will encourage you to share your attempts to share the gospel with others in service of their faith and joy--the good, the bad, and even the Christ-exalting ugly.

So, recognizing the ever-present temptation to hide the true fear, pride, and anxiety in writing something others may read, I will by God's grace be as honest as possible to communicate the rumblings of heart and mind that take place in my efforts to share the gospel. I hope the honesty helps those who may peek in, the way it helps me when I hear of your attempts.

Let's tell someone today...


  1. I learned about your blog through Justin's blog. Welcome to the blogging world. I just read all three of your posts.

    Yes, we all need to be bold as a lion to witness to other and invite other to church and to get to know Christ alone.

    Hungry to eat His Word,
    'Guerite ~ BoldLion