Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is There Gonna be Beer?

We went out on campus at Quad C this week to invite people to REACH--our college ministry Bible study at It's a Grind. We had a great time doing it. It had been a while since being on a college campus so it was refreshing in a lot of ways. Both UNT and Quad C reveal the same desperate needs college students face that I remember from over 10 years ago.

One of the funniest encounters was what seemed to me to be the a-typical response to a Bible study invite from someone on a college campus to my friends humble invite. When he mentioned there would be burgers etc. he asked,

"Is there gonna be beer?"

Okay. Let's assume the best of intentions in this question for a moment. Maybe he felt that beer would be as effective as burgers as a free commodity for a Bible study in the buckle of the Bible-belt hosted by a church to largely under-age students. Maybe he felt it's pointless to invite college students to something without it and this is helpful information. Or maybe he really, really, really likes beer. I get that. I don't have anything against beer. Honest.

But maybe not.

Maybe, just maybe, after 30+ years of Hollywood glamorizing the fullness of the college experience as a 5+ year keg party it still sells tickets for movies in August and makes it's way to the lips of students at times to deflect the idea of pursuing anything of seriousness. Maybe it's still an effective trump card to out-awkward a potential threat to freedom.

Maybe the world, the devil, and the flesh still encourage people to hide behind false images and turn this poor drink into a weak, unfit, and useless god.

No. No beer at the Bible study. But lots and lots of the best vintage wine (Acts 2:13; Eph. 5:18; Matt. 9:17)