Friday, August 20, 2010

5 Reasons I Love You Joel (on your 5th Birthday)

1. I love your joy. Your smile and your laugh is contagious—and you suffer from the same thing your Daddy does—the ability to smile at the most inappropriate times.

2. I love your mind. The way you can enter a whole world through your imagination. You love to pretend—and we love to watch you pretend (and spray the sound effects all over the living room).

3. I love your personality. You enjoy taking the smallest and most random part of a toy and focusing all your energy and enthusiasm on it for hours. Very strange—but very cool.

4. I love that you sing. I love hearing songs come out of you when your playing—and hearing you ask for music when we’re driving.

5. I love that you are mine and I get to enjoy you every day. I will never stop loving you Joel.

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