Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leave Myopia

You know what it's like to be nearsighted or myopic?

The other day I found myself in an Autozone picking up some parts. As I walked up to the counter I was aware of my coldness toward the young man at the counter. Well, let's be honest. I was not aware of my coldness at all. I saw a guy that was not like me in many ways--and to be honest--in that moment--I didn't particularly like him. Yep. The Pharisees got nothing on my spiritual maturity (Luke 18:11). There you go. It's the backward forest my heart often retreats to. The caverns of tunnel-vision. The hills of self-preservation and short-sightedness.


In the mercy of God I had to go back to the same shop in less than 30 minutes for a different part. The thought crossed my mind, "is there a second chance here?"

I wish I could say that upon seeing the young man the second time waves of bubbly love swept over my soul like a Journey song but I'd be lying. As I got the part from the young man and went to pay I didn't feel different about him. Nothing seemed to change until I decided to climb what felt like the high dive and could feel my need for God.

"Hey, here's an invitation to our church--we'd love to have you sometime." [wanted to leave it there]

[and for the dive] "...and this booklet talks about what I live to tell people--that Jesus died for me and rose from the dead." [not that clear...a bit choppy]

I'm not sure what happened in the young man's heart, but as he took the lit and thanked me, something happened in me. Suddenly, unexpectedly, and subtly I could see his eyes for the first time. My ears could hear his voice. My mind could think about his family--his sister he mentioned living with nearby. He became a guy with a story complete with his own dreams, hurts, and needs--most of all the need for Jesus.

He suddenly became very much like me.

I want the picture of his eyes to burn off the frost that collects like cataracts on my own. Jesus gave his life away to free me from myself and give me power to walk in His reconciling love and away from joyless self-interest. He lives in me to empower me to leave my kingdom and live for His.

For the eyes of tomorrow--let's exodus Myopia and get on with it...

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