Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trying to Cast a Net in Fish Express...

I don't know if I should have gone further or not--but I definitely felt both the tug of the Lord to get out of my comfort zone as well as His grace to greet the lady next to me waiting for her to-go order today at Fish Express.

My mind was busy thinking about other things and I could tell she was in a hurry too.

"Is it slower today than usual?" [legit question--really was slow]

"Yeah...it's very slow today..."

"I sometimes meet people for lunch here--I serve as a pastor in a church and our offices are in the building across the street." [hoping for a door to open in the conversation here]

"yep." [no go. I didn't have much else to say here]

It seemed like all the elements were there for an opportunity for the gospel, but the conversation never really got off the ground. Maybe I should have been more bold, but this is how it goes sometimes.


  1. that's pretty real. Fisherman rarely tell about the days spent catching nothing. Which can be very discouraging for new fisherman that spend a day catching nothing and thoughts of "must be doing something wrong" going through the mind. Your assessment is great - this is how it goes sometimes. While it's true that our obedience shouldn't be result-driven, it can still be discouraging to think that it never goes this way for everyone else. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks Paul--well said. The fishing illustration is very helpful. I should probably take up fishing--would probably encourage me more to steady faithfulness.