Monday, October 12, 2009

Going Solo in Subway...

Last week I was in Subway attempting to read Your Jesus is too Safe. I am never able to eat and read at the same time. Plus I hate getting honey mustard and smudges on a new book. So, I settled for perusing at best. Stetzer writes a great introduction and I was surprised by the data he collected on what young professing Christians feel unable to affirm strongly--including the resurrection of Jesus.

I noticed two guys sitting next to me that appeared Indian. With little thought (and in reflection almost zero prayer contributing to the progress of the conversation) I decided to ask them if the resurrection of Jesus would matter to them.

"Sorry to interrupt. Just reading a book about the resurrection of Jesus and was curious if you believed in the resurrection of Jesus and if it matters to you."

Both guys were cordial--one guy talked for them. "It doesn't matter. It wouldn't matter."

"So if you knew with certainty Jesus rose from the dead proving himself to be God--basically that Christianity was true--it wouldn't matter?"

He said confidently it would not. He and his friends are Hindus. We talked a little bit about how he believed in many gods and sins are forgiven simply by appealing to the god(s) of your family and saying you're sorry. When I asked him if the many hundreds of gods would compete for your alliance he said, "it doesn't work that way" and said the gods of your family pretty much stay with you. Up until now it was cordial but very cold--with no seeming interest I just felt totally at loss to keep the conversation going. In retrospect I was foolish to go into that flying solo without really pausing to call on God's power and help.

The "this is awkward" part came when I said thanks and was picking up my things to leave. I felt like I couldn't at least invite them to church. When I said I was a pastor and would love to have them come to the church sometime I received an immediate shaking of the head like I was selling a new and exciting business opportunity.

"no. no. uh uh" while heads wagged to say, "never in a million years." I said thanks but turned around licking my wounded pride at the tiny rejection and wondering if anyone in Subway saw the evangelical shoot the air ball.

These moments are good for me. It teaches me about my total need for God's help and dependence on Him. It reminds me that I've got no power on my own and only God's power can deliver. It reminds me that I'm often more concerned about my reputation and the way I look than about people.


  1. wow - "it wouldn't matter" - that's really just stunning. Speechless.

    I suppose you're right, we should depend on God.

    OR, you can say "hold on just a minute". Then take a couple hours to come up with a really good line that will blow their minds and unfailingly take the conversation right where you need it, and rejoin your patiently waiting Hindus. But your suggestion is pretty good too.

    I can't help but think that God could use that question. Actually, let me re-think that - God will use it, one way or another, for His glory. They know the resurrection really does make all the difference. "Never in a million years" certainly applied to me, but God saw different. And I have to say, your question to them is pretty much the same one that God used in my life. I suppose it's the question that everyone has to answer. I'd say it's a seed. Thanks for the post.

  2. This is interesting! At the old job that I had work with a lot of Hindu. I never had problem with them. The main problem is that they do embrass Jesus with their fault god. They will not embrass Him alone. I had share my faith with them and they did asked me some questions.

    I had given one of the fellow a tract in their language. And he had giving the tract to his daughter. I was surprise but then again they do embrass more than one gods.

    To tell you the truth, they are hard working people. If I were you, I would listen to them and work with them and then you can share your faith with them.

    One of the Hindu lady told me that I am a child of God because she had seen the evidence of that in my life and how I struggle with other "christian" workers whose moral code stink and doesn't reflect Christ in their lives.

    I would love to work with them again. I do have a big heart for them.

    Hungry to eat His Word,
    'Guerite ~ BoldLion

  3. I love your heart for the lost Babe! And I love that you are motivated more than ever to share the gospel! Thanks for humbly sharing with, basically the world, your attempts, sometimes "failed ones", but faithful ones to be sure, at sharing the gospel to those around us! I love you!

  4. Thank you Rob for your daily pursuit of people to share the gospel with. Your stories have kept sharing the gospel with others in the forefront of my mind. Tomorrow, I have lunch with a lady that I met at the gym who I have been pursuing a relationship with for the past couple of months. She's not a believer but is very eager for a friend and I can tell she is curious. So, all that to say please pray for me as I follow your example as you follow Christ.