Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Shared the Gospel!

Yesterday I got a call in the middle of the day from a college single in the church.

His first words,

"Rob! I shared the gospel!"

He went on to tell me the details about how the Lord impressed him to share the gospel with a guy he met and how he struggled through his fears until he called him up and shared the good news of salvation through Jesus. It's an amazing story.

I was stoked.

About a half hour later I'm washing my hands in the restroom and noticed a guy who works landscape next to me washing what looked like pears.

I left the restroom and suddenly remembered the story of how God used my friend, and considered the guy still in the restroom. The thought crossed my mind that we had Spanish-written booklets in the office. I could grab one and come back.

So...I did.

I came back to the restroom. There was the guy. There were the pears.

"Do you speak Spanish? [affirmative]

"Hey here's a booklet in Spanish that talks about Jesus." [grateful response]

He went on in broken English to tell me he is from Honduras and spoke favorably about Christianity. He even said that based on my pronunciation of his name and the word "Honduras" that I should consider taking more Spanish because I'm "good" at it.

Thankful for God's work in my friends life. His work with the guy with the pears. His getting me through Spanish 3. His getting me out of what has felt like a dry and weary land.

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