Friday, April 30, 2010

Cab Drivers at T4G....(1)

One memory I have from T4G was the drive to the airport.

With 7,000 men from around the globe descending on Louisville, I was a bit cautious of being a clanging cymbal of white evangelicalism to an Indian cab driver just doing his job. But, when I found myself taking a cab solo it seemed like an open door.

On the drive to the airport the man I spoke to claimed to be Muslim and had taken his trip to Mecca. He didn't seem very strong in the teachings of the Koran, and he didn't know what his standing was before God, but he did believe that he held to the Law as written in the Koran. He believed in the Law of Moses and the 10 Commandments.

"Do you think you've kept all the commandments?"


"Like what about lying? Have you ever told a lie?"

As we raced to the airport he told me several times that he had lied to his friends a couple times. "But every time it was only a joke. I was just kidding--and told them later."

He shook his head 'no' with confidence when I asked him, "Is your god of the Koran a god of love?" He later said he didn't know where he was in his standing with God.

"I....I don't know....I...don't know...." He said in a kind of hopeful way.

Out of the jet-lag I found the Lord gave me His compassion for Abib. Out of what can only be Christ's love for him I shared the good news.

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