Thursday, December 17, 2009

10 Great Memories on My 10th Anniversary

On the eve of our 10 year anniversary my wife and I decided to write down 10 of our favorite memories over the years. Here are mine in no perfect order.

1. The births of all three of our boys (the walk down the hallway to Sam, the late night run to the hospital for Joeler, the mid-day call that Ash was on his way).

2. The early morning run on my wedding day. Dec. 18th 1999 at 7am I was up running with Joey and Adrian around the campus of SHSU. I was so nervous about the wedding I felt like I could run forever. I couldn't believe I was about to be married to Michelle and even though I was tired from playing video games the night before (sadly) I needed that run.

3. Dancing to Bing Crosby's "White Christmas", Caedmon's Call's "Somewhere North" to my wife on our wedding day. So thankful my mom talked sense into me that I needed to have a dance. I have to throw in Frank Sinatra Christmas CD that we played in Fredricksburg on our honeymoon.

4. Letters and pictures from my girlfriend Michelle Marquart when I was in Indiana preaching bad sermons and she was in California in the summer of '99

5. Watching "Muppet's Christmas" in a Super 8 Motel the night after Samuel was born. Eating fast food on the bed and glowing all over with joy.

6. Being overdressed for a play in Dallas on our second anniversary. We were decked out and everyone was wearing jeans. Expensive tickets. Casual atmosphere. Bad planning. Lots of laughs.

7. Michelle wearing a blue dress and meeting me at the airport after 3 weeks away on an Istanbul study trip. I was so glad to be home and couldn't wait to see her. She made welcome home signs and put them all over our seminary house.

8. Snorkeling down a river in Mexico called "Tres Rios". Laughing at all the misadventures of the trip too many to count (on just one day).

9. Countless encouragements when God has spoken to me through Michelle. I can be so wound up with an issue or discouraged by something it can feel like barbed wire. How many times after talking about it on a date or through prayer, it unravels like cheap yarn?

10. "Robbie there's a roach in the bed!" nuff said.

Can I have another 10?


  1. Lord willing, Honey, you can have many, many more than 10! What a joy and adventure these 10 have been and how I truly look forward to all the year ahead sharing them with you, my best friend! Thanks for all the laughter, holding my hand through the trials, and all the romance! May it continue as long as the Lord allows! All glory to him for our marriage...a truly happy one indeed!