Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Santa Comes to Our House (this year)

I'm as passionate as Charlie Brown on steroids about the commercializing of Christmas but I thought I'd offer a few lines in the midst of some solid (and very strong) arguments against Santa why (this year) we've decided to include him.

1. Santa is make-believe. We are a house filled with make-believe. Everyday I come home I'm blown up at least a dozen times, downsized to a Lego man, turned in to a monster, then back to a superhero. We act out countless scenarios of good guy/bad guy. Before I kiss them goodnight we talk about how breakfast will be chocolate-covered crickets and squiggly worms. Santa stays in the category of make-believe--the same place where fairy tales and kids stories thrive. Should his bowl full of jelly belly ever eclipse the Savior, it will be toast. Pun intended.

2. Santa is generous. Let's face it. After every whiny kid has peed his pants on cheep red felt telling Santa what he or she wants, Santa just keeps giving. Year after year. Outside of some stale cookies, nobody every thinks to give Santa a gift. Superman comes and goes and hangs out incognito most of the time, but Santa works year round in his giving frenzy (or at least his elves do). Since we're having fun, we'd like to highlight that charity.

3. Santa has potential. Since he's make-believe you can make him into whatever you like. This year our Santa will love Jesus. In fact, he goes around the world at great cost to himself to tell people the good news of the birth of Jesus. He gives everyone gifts to remind them of the greatest gift ever given--the gift of God's Son. Okay, a little hokey--but none of their Playmobile pirates do that (yet).