Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tattoos are Talking Points...

From a friend named Nicole--released from the comments...

I found myself in Wal-Mart on Halloween night at 9:30 buying food for our Bible Study group the next day. I pulled into the one of many checkouts open...apparently no one shops on Halloween(all out being scary:). Anyway, the guy working had a HUGE tat of the grim reaper, which was sort of ironic being on Halloween and all. Before I even thought about the words leaving my mouth I was asking him about his tattoo. He told me how it reminds him of how he almost died. He told me the story and I was then able to ask him if he knew where he would go when he did die one day. He looked at me puzzled, I explained the gospel to him and asked him to think about that question every time he looked at his tattoo. I invited him to the college Bible Study and we figured out we knew some common people.
He told me I should get a tattoo, I told him I was too much of a whimp to get one. He advised I should just be intoxicated then it wouldn't hurt as much, I told him that probably wouldn't be a good idea. I have thought about a tattoo, the Hebrew letters for integrity, that is probably what I would get "IF" ever! So, being intoxicated wouldn't really go with that theme :) We laughed and parted ways! I was on a high though, because being in the midst of something God is doing is thrilling! I knew that night I was right where God wanted me to be, and it was peaceful!
So, what started out as a usual run to Wally World turned into a divine appointment...


  1. Rob, that is a great story! Such an encouragement to me as I often talk with people there but don't take the extra step to bring the gospel into view.

  2. I miss hearing from you all lately on this. I do hope that you had been Bold as a Lion to witness to others to Christ. Don't let the cold weather keep you in the house or the office.

    I do hope that you all are doing fine and well and eating His Word!

    Hungry to eat His Word,
    'Guerite ~ BoldLion