Saturday, March 12, 2011

"All Religion is Man-Made"

We prayed as couples and Josh and I went across the street to make some friends tonight. The party was still going strong. We were surprised by the immediate shouts of "neighbor!" when we stepped into the backyard. We had some great conversation with guys--at some points we had a sense that seeds were being sown. But after further reflection we both agreed that the most important thing we did tonight was simply be a presence of Christ to folks.

I will share a sound byte of Josh Jordan's conversation...

[Friend] "All religion is man-made."

[Josh] "If you believe there is a God you've got to believe that at least one religion is not man-made."

[Friend] agreeing...

[Josh] "Don't you think that if there is a good God that made you--living for Him would be the greatest thing?"

Josh went on to communicate that because we've been separated from God--Jesus died to help us be reconciled to Him. The conversations went in several directions--loops and spins--but in all we experienced God's help in building relationships and scattering seed.