Thursday, March 3, 2011

Prayer is Mission-Critical...

We just started a book on our pastoral team called "Taking Hold of God" by Joel Beeke. So far it is very good.

As I seek to live in a God-honoring way--I am all-too-often tempted to believe that prayer is an important part of the day--a needed focus of life--but not mission-critical.

I'm hoping to decrease this thought in my life.

One thing that jumped out at me in the first chapter is the statement, "for...Luther, the reformation was about how the church prays." He quotes Luther, "Prayer is a difficult matter and hard work. It is far more difficult than preaching the Word or performing other official duties in the church. When we are preaching we are more passive than active; God is speaking through us, and our teaching is His work. This is the reason why it is also very rare."

I find this to be very true in my life. I am often tempted to believe prayer is a duty disconnected to other very important things. Like a kid that wants to hurry up and eat so he can go play---the bigger work is often viewed outside--away from the quiet--dictated by my "list." I'm seeking a more robust prayer life (and seeking the seeking therein) to live in active trust upon a loving Father.