Saturday, March 12, 2011

How Do you Evaluate an Open Door?

Today I'm visiting a friend Josh Jordan in Seguin. It's about 8:30pm right now of a wonderful day of reconnecting and seeing the city as well as San Antonio.

Josh has some great neighbors.

At 9am his next door neighbor was already getting the grill ready while while our kids were playing on the swings. When we got back from San Antonio the music was going loud--but because they had been in Spanish--it wasn't a big deal. But by the time we decided to grill we were hearing Sir-Mix-a-Lot and 80's Salt-N-Peppa.

Nevertheless. His neighbor thanked us for our patience as they were celebrating a family birthday. He insisted through the fence that we come over and get some beans--finally walking over to the house and bringing us a plate to enjoy. He then said, "you need to come over. We're having good conversation."

trusting God for an open door...