Monday, March 21, 2011

Tim Keller: 5 Things to Prepare for Revival

In this post and this post I shared Tim Keller's thoughts on revival. Here are 5 things he said are common to any move of God that could be described as an "intensification" of the "ordinary" work of the Holy Spirit.

1. Extraordinary Prayer--Every revival has this in common. This corporate praying is kingdom-centered, repenting, and prevailing. It evidences people coming to a King with large petitions asking for God to do great things--extraordinary things.

2. Recovery of the Gospel--Edwards saw revival when he recovered "justification by faith alone." Keller made it clear that "the average person doesn't get the gospel." He challenged us to consider that most people don't get the gospel in "the slightest." When people realize the depth of grace--they come alive in new ways.

3. Transformed Formidable Leaders--Individuals catch on fire personally and become leaders. Every revival shows that leaders grasp the fullness of the gospel and have a new boldness.

4. Experience Meetings--This was a new idea for me. Keller said in almost every revival you have meeting "venues" where people have an opportunity to "process" what God is doing in their lives. Venues for talking through experiences matter in revival.

5. Creativity--In every revival you see some new revolutionary (and often initially scandalous) means of getting the gospel out. For Whitefield and Wesley it was outdoor preaching--stunning for the times. For the rival in NY City--it was a business man starting a prayer meeting in the middle of the day--unheard of and radical for the time.