Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Craig and the Rough Riders game...

Since my wife is visiting family in Houston with the kids I've been staying in the Cabaniss home for a few days eating their Frosted Flakes and trying to keep my room clean. I've had a blast hearing everyone talk sports during the Espy awards Sunday night, the latest in music (starting to feel old and boring) and playing some new Mario game on their Wii with his son Kevin and his friend visiting from San Diego (I won a couple on my first try...i need a Wii).

Last night they invited me along for a Frisco Rough Rider's game. It was a beautiful night at an uncrowded ballpark. We were told they sell out on Fridays, but Tuesday's are empty. When we got inside we noticed one of the guys signing autographs and virtually no line--outfielder Tim Smith.

The conversation went something like this..

Rob: "Check that out. We should give that guy a card and invite that guy to church" [really just kidding]

Craig: [laughter]

God: " guy go do it."

Rob: [ohh..uhh..okay...why not]

Rob: "I don't have an invite you have a card?"

Craig: (Jokingly) "Oh man...the guy that headed up FPU and outreach both pays with credit card then doesn't have an invite to church. Wait till this gets out." Fishing in wallet, "looks like I don't have one either."

Rob: [handing the program to Tim] "hey how you doing?"

Tim: [taking program] "Great..."

Rob: "Do you live in this Frisco?"

Tim: "...actually live in Richardson."

Rob: "Do you have a church you go to out there?"

Tim: "Yeah...I do..."

Rob: [aware of the humor] "me and this other guy behind me are pastors at a church here in's called Grace Church. We'd love to have you out some time."

Tim: "oh...thanks...Sundays are sometimes a challenge with games an all."

Rob: "does your church do a Saturday night service you go to."

Tim: " Sunday morning."

Rob: "thanks a lot."

The Rough Riders won. It was a great game. Filled up on peanuts and diet Dr. Pepper. Noticed Tim was born in 1986 which made me wonder why I was intimidated. I was playing Zelda when he was born.

I wish I had remembered to grab a booklet and some invites before I left the house. You never know when an opportunity to invite someone to church where they will hear the gospel.

Tell someone today...