Monday, July 20, 2009

Restroom Encounter...

I had the opportunity to talk to a landscaper in the restroom while washing my hands today. He was cleaning his credit cards in the sink after his wallet got wet from the rain today. Felt bolder than normal.

After chatting about that for a moment I said, "this might sound strange but I serve at a church [glad I didn't say pastor--lame and unnecessary] and wondered if you knew Jesus as your Lord and Savior." [...thought about how Piper inserts "Treasure"]

"Yes...I do."

"Great. Do you go to a church around here?" [I wanted to flesh that out and see if talking about church we could get at some beliefs.]

"It's hard to describe in English (he is Hispanic), but it's...Christian." I asked if it was Catholic and he said it was not--and that they meet on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Right about now a guy dressed biz/casual walked in and I became immediately aware of my desire to stop the conversation and move on. We kept chatting but I thought in complete unbelief, "this dude that just walked in is hearing this and is prob a Christian and will think I'm over-the-top attacking the guy who is stuck cleaning his cards and avoid me like the plague." The Lord gave me grace...

"How long have you been a Christian?" [trying to hear how he came to faith--when did regeneration happen etc.]

"since birth--since growing up."

[something like] "Do you believe you have to repent and turn to Jesus? Does your church have baptism for those who trust in Jesus?" [prob too many questions]


"is this the same for you?" [couldn't tell if he was asking how I came to faith or if our church is like his but I thought it would be good to give him a "How Good Are You?" booklet since I could share the gospel is what our church is about.]

"'s what our church believes (handing him a booklet). You may not need this but you can give this away" [ time..."I need this message every day...take a read and give it away."]

I felt like I could have gone further in the conversation but found myself ending it here and saying goodbye aware of the guy a few feet away--aware that he was going to need a sink and we were going to make him uncomfortable. Left the conversation with open loops. Thankful for God's grace. Felt the Lord's heart for the lost and glad to be made aware (once again) that affluence (or the appearance thereof) can tempt me to shut down and not move forward in love.