Friday, July 31, 2009


After our church-wide prayer meeting my friend Nate Palmer and I went to Starbuck's to grab coffee for our beautiful wives who watched our kids so we could go. This week we've been staying with the Palmer's because the Texas heat literally killed the unit on the house we're renting from one of our friends in the church. We've had a blast this week. A mini-vacation.

We went through the drive through.

"Hey Nate. Give them this booklet and and tell them, 'hey you know that refreshing water next to the window for sale? We offer you the water of life through Jesus for free!"

"Are you serious?" [great question]

"of course not..." [I really was kidding]

We talked to him for about a minute and gave him an invite to church in a Quest for Joy...

It wasn't wild man--but it was us. It was genuine. Good times...