Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missed an Opportunity at 24 Hour

This week I've headed back to the gym...and I'm feeling it. No. Not the exhilaration of beta-endorphines creating a euphoric high but the sleepy soreness you feel the first week back. I've worn a Superman t-shirt the past two days (yes it was washed) but I've felt like Otis.

For two days I've grabbed my Grace Church invite cards and kept them in the pouch where my member card goes but I've not given them out to anyone. I find it very difficult in a gym to pause--pray--be open to getting to know someone. Most of the time I'm consumed with getting in, getting out, getting gone.

This morning the lady at the counter took my badge to scan my card and couldn't because of the stack of cards covering the bar code. I quickly apologized and pulled the 4-5 obstacles out of the clear badge so she could scan it in.

"Have a good workout."

"Thanks..you too." [nevermind you're working and folks who work in 24 Hour Fitness don't work out all day]

Only a faint thought crossed my mind that I had an opportunity to invite her to church right there--maybe even share the gospel. I was consumed with moving on, moving past, getting my workout in.

Pray that I'll have faith for the gospel to speed on and triumph in 24 Hour. Seems to be a hard place for me to think outward, and trust in the Lord. I likely need to get past the unbelief that there's no openness to the gospel there--that God isn't at work in thousands of ways in the folks in the gym.


  1. Hey Rob, Brent Osterberg here. I am one of the pastors at Calvary Bible Church in Fort Worth. I love your idea of using cards to invite people to church and possibly share the gospel with them. Do you have an electronic version of your invite cards? Please let me know. My email is reform1981@yahoo.com