Friday, July 24, 2009

Gospel and Guacamole

Michelle got back from Houston last night and we went down the road Christina's Mexican restaurant for 9:00pm deserts. We had a great time talking about the trip, life, the kids, schooling options for next year, and what the Lord seems to be teaching us about prayer in the midst of some difficulty we're experiencing with our oldest boy. Great dates for us is when we're able to connect at the place of difficulty and faith. Where we're able to go from tears to laughter over tortillas. Awesome.

Our waiter was a hard working guy who is not attending a church but has lots of family that go to evangelical churches and Catholic ones as well. His profession was that he has given his life to the Lord but not involved in a church. We invited him out to Grace.

God gave grace to go through the "How Good Are You?" booklet with him. I knew he couldn't stop and dialogue about each page, but I was surprised when he leaned in to go over it. I was able to walk through each page in about 30 seconds. I've never done that before. Michelle jumped in with eagerness and joy. Love sharing the gospel with my wife!

I was amazed at how easy that was. Not always the case.