Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Don't Invite Like a Wimp

Yesterday was yard day. I had to go by Lowes (or Woes for my boys) and pick up some weed eater wire for my slammin B&D electric Grasshog. Since we came from the gym I promised them a drink and we got a red Gatorade to share. I bought it right out before getting the wire.

"You guys busy today?"

"...not bad for a Monday"

"Here's an invite to church.....if you don't have a church..." [I could see the cloud of witnesses collectively roll their eyes..]

"It's away from here, but I do have one I go to sometimes."

I went to get the wire and thought about intensity and whether that last attempt was done with any real enthusiasm. Seemed like she might as well asked, "bro, do you like your church?" based on that effort.

Note to myself and anyone reading--if you're going to invite someone to church man up, and do it with boldness. Don't invite someone to church like a wimp--as if it's a great alternative to a dentists appointment. Talk of it as what it is--the place of joy, deep community, and transformation by Christ's unique presence. Better for them to think you're a freak than unengaged with ultimate reality.

I got the wire, we played on the John Deere's and I went to pay. I noticed there was someone else.

More enthusiastically this time, "I serve as a a pastor at this church. We'd love to have you come out sometime." [I know I used the pastor line--but didn't lean on it too hard]

She paused and looked over the card like she was really considering.

"Where do you meet?" [yeesss.....] I told her.

"What denomination are you?" [interesting question that comes up a lot] "we're non-denominational."

"okay...okay....I'll consider it.."

Don't be like attempt #1. Go bold. Tell someone today...


  1. It is great to see you all doing this for Christ! Yes, we all need to be Bold as a Lion for Christ and win other to Christ and invite them to church! Way to go and keep up with it.

    Hungry to eat His Word,
    'Guerite ~ BoldLion (Member at Christ Baptist Church of Wilson)