Saturday, August 8, 2009

Michelle at the Gas Station

Today we had the joy of participating in a wedding in the county with our friends Shayne and Vevian. It was a two hour drive into the country--Sulphur Springs for Texas natives. We had a blast at this wedding--a joy to see what God has done.

We had to get gas on the way. Michelle ran in to get coffee. I stayed behind and pumped the gas.

Michelle decided to give whoever was at the counter a booklet on the gospel--even though we were miles away from the church.

When she got back in the van we sipped hot gas station java. She said a lady was a the counter.

"I just wanted to give you talks about joy in God and you can read it sometime today."

"okay...thanks..." She responded.

Michelle said she wished she'd said something else--like it was a half-hearted effort.

I disagree. I believe she read or will read that sometime today--and there is power in the gospel.


  1. You didnt' mention that it wasn't my sort of strongly "suggested" I give the track away...and I told you I didn't want to...even gave an excuse of where we were. I was thankful it was a girl though. And the Lord sort of gave me a piece of his heart for her. She is no more underserving than the next person to hear the gospel. No one deserves it, but God...