Wednesday, August 5, 2009

God dropped my cell phone in the toilet...

If I believe in the sovereignty of God (which I do) and that God is doing a thousand things behind the scenes in any and every single event to glorify himself (which He is) then how hard is it to believe God had my 11 month old son Asher drop my cell phone in the toilet Saturday (yes...I'm still using it...yes the toilet was flushed)?

You see, I joined my wife at Costco yesterday for cheap lunch and to see about getting a new phone (I want to upgrade but it's not in the budget..or cool with my plan). I can currently receive calls but can't see who's calling, text, or anything--just a blank screen.

I went to the Verizon kiosk and was surprised to see the same guy that sold me the phone a year ago working there. I had recently returned from the Pastor's College and needed a phone. He was very helpful and we ended up talking about religion. He described himself as open to Christianity but studies all the religions of the world. I sent him an email once after our conversation but never heard back and don't remember seeing him in any of the trips back to Costco.

When he said, "Hey I remember you" and we started talking, I was surprised. It's been a year. I'm Joe Everyman. I don't even have a tattoo. But God opens doors right (1 Cor 16:9)?

He's still a student studying for premed at Collin. I hope to get to know him better. Pray for this.

Its made me think of the value of returning to the same places regularly and getting to know folks in hopes of sharing the gospel. Dever is strong on this...

tell someone today...