Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't Waste Your AAA...

On Friday after work Craig Cabaniss and I were driving home from the office in my rockin '98 Nissan Sentra. When we got to Legacy and Main here's what the conversation in the car was like:

Rob: "Uhhh...Craig it's dying. car is literally dying." [trying to cover the panic]

Craig: "do you have AAA?" [radio-voice cool as the car slowly grinds to a halt]

Rob: "uhh...I decided to not renew it this year." [honestly...I haven't used it in 2 years]

Craig: " a 187,000 miles--it might be a good idea." [leadership gift in action]

Rob: "right about now we need a pastoral prayer Craig." [err...totally serious as Craig hits the flash button]

Craig: "Well...pull over to the side, I'll use my AAA card and there's a shop down the road we can tow it to." [ Jesus sleeping in the boat]

You have to love guy that doesn't freak out on you when your car dies during 5:00 traffic on a Friday. Moreover, a Frisco police officer drove up and I wondered if I was going to get a ticket. Instead, he asked us to push it to the other side of the road. You need to picture Craig pushing a beater down Legacy while Beemers and Jags drive by in a huff and I clumsily steer to get an idea of his friendship. That's love guys.

You also have to love that Craig took the opportunity to get to know the Frisco police officer and hear his story and invite him to church. While I was on the phone figuring out rides, I could hear him asking him questions, giving witness to God's grace on our church, showing respect and taking an interest in someone who is not in a church.

I don't recommend this outreach as a mission strategy to reach the city--but on Friday--it was God's open door for us.

Don't waste your AAA--buy up the opportunities and tell someone today...


  1. funny recount of that fateful day...going to do the same for yesterdays tale? Just curious.
    Thanks to Craig for keeping cool and pushing the car...didn't know that part. Oh, and for suggesting renewing the AAA! ;)