Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Help in 24...

The last two mornings I've heading back to the gym since I overdid it last Tuesday on legs and hurt my back. (I feel like I'm always heading back to the gym..)

Maybe it's the early morning. Maybe it's the atmosphere. Maybe it's the workout clothes. Maybe it's the "You have what it takes" slogans. Maybe it's the feeling of walking into a realm of frozen time--where I'm back in high school baseball off-season--with only the interruptions of "Total Access" from the NFL station reminding me it's 2009. Whatever it is, I never quite feel on my game. I don't have much of a burden for the lost nor much desire to get to know folks I'm battling Frisco restaurants with.

Well, the past two mornings the Lord helped me. Yesterday instead of ducking the church invite cards I gave one to the lady welcoming me and invited her to church. However, although it was genuine, it felt very awkward. I fumbled over my words and felt like my smile was a bit happy-clappy evangelical. The card weighed 35 pounds, but the Lord helped me.

This morning it was much easier. Different gal. Very joyful. I invited her to church and learned she went down the street to CrossRidge. A great church. We chatted briefly. She said "enjoy your workout." I once again said, "you too." [dummy]

Thanks for praying. It was tiny trusting...but it was a win.

However, where I need to grow is in reaching out to some of the folks working out. I find it much easier to talk to someone working than a dude that looks like he could squash me. There are a few guys that look like they could bench press Rhode Island that I was working out close to today. For a brief moment (can we say nano-second) I thought about engaging in a conversation but feel at a total loss on how to do so--the prospect feels as distant as me looking like one of those guys someday.

Pray for boldness